30 May 2009

Just a quick update

Just to let everyone know, I completely updated my xstreetsl store. So if you were dying to buy my products off of it, here is your time to shine.


I just wanted to let everyone know that the "Alice" skin as a collaboration with Hybrid Ansar of Savior Faire Shapes, is available inworld (here) for free. We made a kickin' whole avatar of a fucked up Alice in Wonderland for the "Looking Glass" Hunt. Its pretty awesome. If you want to see it, head over to Achariya's awesome blog as she did a piece on it yesterday. She is so awesome! Oh, and let me note that they did not use the shape that comes with the hunt item.

Tacky Star

28 May 2009

Aura made some tats!

I finally got around to scooping off some of the tattoo work I pop onto a couple of skins. I am too lazy and tired from fighting SL's newest wave of bugs, so please just enjoy the pictures.

By the way, these are also serving as a bad sneak peek at an upcoming skin which will be available exclusively at the Hotel Munster Tacky Star location.

15 May 2009

New Skin and a New Eye

So I made another skin. This one is called "Translucent Angel." It is kind of my take on a fallen angel. Its 200L and you get a version with eyebrows and without eyebrows. Lookie:

The newest eye is "Aternia Sapphire." This was a commission that I demanded to sell. Its actually pretty for once. Go figure?

Last order of business: In a few weeks, I am going to have a storewide sale to help raise money for an PS3, as FF13 is coming out and I am a huge Final Fantasy fan. Prepare yourselves for that.

Taxi: Tacky Star

04 May 2009

'Ra made skins

So I have probably said like 30-bajillion times that I am a painter in RL. Well, I got super sick of painting in RL after I had my senior exit show, so I started painting with a digital medium. Less clean up, by the way. This eventually lead to me painting on top of the Another Skin templates. Here are my offerings to you:

"Whitewash" was the first one I made. It is my take of a fucked up carnival worker. She is covered in bruises and healing cuts. Her make up is smeared and runny. I just love it. It is so me.

"Quiet Doll" came about as I needed it for a shoot. It is very subtle and simple. I like to think of it as an antique porcelain doll.

Each of these skins is 200L. While "Whitewash" took a lot more time, "Quiet Doll" comes with two skins variations. Just go freakin' pick 'em up inworld.

Oh, and here is how I use 'em:

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