23 July 2009

The Lolligaggers are coming

I have a new skin line that I am gearing up to release. Here is a couple of previews:

Each skin is individually tatted out to hell and back, but each also comes with a 'clean' skin version.

05 July 2009


So the House of Munster gangbangers have opened up a new dark city themed sim and we are looking for a few good zombies/designers/crazy fuckers to join us. IM Lolli Munster inworld for more information or me, its cool.


30 June 2009

Moving Day

So my store inventory is all kinds of places right now. However, by the end of the week, it should be in one singular kick ass sim known as "The Endless." It will be bitchin' and awesome and all kinds of other words!!

07 June 2009

Rez Day Sale starting on the 9th

Just a heads up: Tacky Star is having a Rez Day Sale in honor of me, Aura "F'in" Falta! 50% off everything again.

30 May 2009

Just a quick update

Just to let everyone know, I completely updated my xstreetsl store. So if you were dying to buy my products off of it, here is your time to shine.


I just wanted to let everyone know that the "Alice" skin as a collaboration with Hybrid Ansar of Savior Faire Shapes, is available inworld (here) for free. We made a kickin' whole avatar of a fucked up Alice in Wonderland for the "Looking Glass" Hunt. Its pretty awesome. If you want to see it, head over to Achariya's awesome blog as she did a piece on it yesterday. She is so awesome! Oh, and let me note that they did not use the shape that comes with the hunt item.

Tacky Star

28 May 2009

Aura made some tats!

I finally got around to scooping off some of the tattoo work I pop onto a couple of skins. I am too lazy and tired from fighting SL's newest wave of bugs, so please just enjoy the pictures.

By the way, these are also serving as a bad sneak peek at an upcoming skin which will be available exclusively at the Hotel Munster Tacky Star location.

15 May 2009

New Skin and a New Eye

So I made another skin. This one is called "Translucent Angel." It is kind of my take on a fallen angel. Its 200L and you get a version with eyebrows and without eyebrows. Lookie:

The newest eye is "Aternia Sapphire." This was a commission that I demanded to sell. Its actually pretty for once. Go figure?

Last order of business: In a few weeks, I am going to have a storewide sale to help raise money for an PS3, as FF13 is coming out and I am a huge Final Fantasy fan. Prepare yourselves for that.

Taxi: Tacky Star

04 May 2009

'Ra made skins

So I have probably said like 30-bajillion times that I am a painter in RL. Well, I got super sick of painting in RL after I had my senior exit show, so I started painting with a digital medium. Less clean up, by the way. This eventually lead to me painting on top of the Another Skin templates. Here are my offerings to you:

"Whitewash" was the first one I made. It is my take of a fucked up carnival worker. She is covered in bruises and healing cuts. Her make up is smeared and runny. I just love it. It is so me.

"Quiet Doll" came about as I needed it for a shoot. It is very subtle and simple. I like to think of it as an antique porcelain doll.

Each of these skins is 200L. While "Whitewash" took a lot more time, "Quiet Doll" comes with two skins variations. Just go freakin' pick 'em up inworld.

Oh, and here is how I use 'em:

Teleport to Tacky Star

23 April 2009

One for the noobs

I was nice and decided to make an eye set for the newbies. Its called "Simplicity" and it is a nice starter pack (for avatars that would otherwise make mah eyes bleed). Its available for 1L for avatars 30 days old or younger. I also sent it to my subscribers since it is basically free anyway. Check it out, babies!

22 April 2009

A new store, an assload of new eyes

I think I avoid writing in this blog, because I can't be hella witting and random. I have to stick on topic. It cramps my style. Anyway....

First and foremost, the shop has a new build. Tacky Star now rocks super hard instead and out. Big thanks goes to Hybie and Elric for building the thing for me. I blow with buiding: They don't. I demand you look at some snapshots of it!

Visit the new build by clicking here.

25 March 2009

Damn, I am behind

I am super behind in my "New Offering" posts, so yall are going to have fun with this one!

First up, we have an oldie-but-goodie called "Green Hazelnut." This was one of the first sets that I made, and as such, it does not have the full 12 pack of options. It is only 35L for that reason, but I think there are 9 eyes that come with it, including the all important 'no vein' options. Lookie, lookie!

Second, we have yet another green eye called "Emerald Alishia." This was a commission of sorta and kinda as that Final Fantasy VII mako feel to it, if you know what I mean. See?

The next eye I am working on will include a scripted glow prim to pump it up. Here are the first two shots of the Repo-inspired Zydrate eye.

Pop over to the main shop and pick up any of these if you want: Tacky Star Mainstore.

15 March 2009

Stuff is cool!

Hey Kids!

Nothing terribly awesome to report. More of the vendors have been updated (refer to the sidebar). I made a new eye for the Falln Hunt, but I have no clue if it will be accepted. If it isn't, it will totally be free for Easter.

I also added a new location, but since it isn't technically open yet, I am not going to link it. But it is like super badass! You will love.

Oh, and if you are participating in the Falln Hunt, please consider joining my search party. We are called "Aura's Super Fantastical Search Party." If you join, you get a free T-shirt made by yours truly. It is pretty rad. Contact me in-world if you want to be recruited (Aura Falta).

08 March 2009

New Offering: Stained Glass

I couldn't sleep the other night, so I present to you the "Stained Glass" eye pack. Think of it as a big explosion of the 8-pack of off-brand crayons, because that dick that sat next to you know school wouldn't share his 64 pack. It comes in the regular 12 pack. Oh, and on Sunday (March 8), the "Stained Glass" pack will be 50% off at the Sugar Mills location as part of the "Sunday Sidewalk Sale."

I also updated a bunch more of the vendors (my English is stellar), so head over to the mainstore to take a peek or visit my flickr.

Also, as a last reminder to the two people that read this: The "Jelly Donut" eyes will not longer be free after Sunday. No excuses or laziness this time. I am totally be a hard ass (and they will be on sale super regular).

Kisses and till next time,
Aura 'Ra' Falta

01 March 2009

Sale Ending Monday

Alright babies, the last day of the almost random sale is going to be Monday. Get in there while you still can. More importantly, you should come so you can get the new Pink vs. Red eye under the sale price of 20L.

Now you may have noticed (but probably not) that I have been changing around the vendors and such. I had kind of an epiphany of awesome right after I got the RL art show set up and just went with it. I decided that since I made the damn eyes for photography purposes, I might as well show 'em being used in that manner. I will be posting them randomly as I get them done, but for now, enjoy the new logo. It is pretty rockin!

Oh, and one other point of business: I made a new eye for the One year Anniversary of Sugar Mills. That lovely sweetie let me put in my McAwesome shop in her fine establishment with little more street cred than a witty notecard and a dream. Anyway, the eye is called "Jelly Donut" and it will be available at the Sugar Mills location of Tacky Star for the next week (and the mainstore, because I rock out like that). It only has the medium, small, and smaller sizes made for it. The eye just really didn't lend itself to making the large animal-ish eye that is available for most packs. Sorry, my furry lovelies!

Tacky Star--Mainstore
Tacky Star--Sugar Mills Branch

25 February 2009

New Offering: Pink vs. Red

I made this eye forever ago, and just never got around to releasing it due to all the RL crazy. However, I decided to just bite 'dem bullets and upload the suckers. If you go now, they are still available under the sale price of 20L for a pack of 12. I figured that would rock your world. Here's you a preview:

And here's your limo....

24 February 2009

ZOMG, I'm posting and having a sale!

Yeah yeah, I know I don't rock. Whatever. More importantly, I am celebrating the opening of my RL art show and my arrival back in the wonderful world of SecondLife(TM) by having a sale on all of my eyes. Whole packs are 20L, half packs are 10L, and one awesome eyes pack is 0L.

More eyes are coming in the next few weeks and a new blog layout. Get pumped!