08 March 2009

New Offering: Stained Glass

I couldn't sleep the other night, so I present to you the "Stained Glass" eye pack. Think of it as a big explosion of the 8-pack of off-brand crayons, because that dick that sat next to you know school wouldn't share his 64 pack. It comes in the regular 12 pack. Oh, and on Sunday (March 8), the "Stained Glass" pack will be 50% off at the Sugar Mills location as part of the "Sunday Sidewalk Sale."

I also updated a bunch more of the vendors (my English is stellar), so head over to the mainstore to take a peek or visit my flickr.

Also, as a last reminder to the two people that read this: The "Jelly Donut" eyes will not longer be free after Sunday. No excuses or laziness this time. I am totally be a hard ass (and they will be on sale super regular).

Kisses and till next time,
Aura 'Ra' Falta

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