25 March 2009

Damn, I am behind

I am super behind in my "New Offering" posts, so yall are going to have fun with this one!

First up, we have an oldie-but-goodie called "Green Hazelnut." This was one of the first sets that I made, and as such, it does not have the full 12 pack of options. It is only 35L for that reason, but I think there are 9 eyes that come with it, including the all important 'no vein' options. Lookie, lookie!

Second, we have yet another green eye called "Emerald Alishia." This was a commission of sorta and kinda as that Final Fantasy VII mako feel to it, if you know what I mean. See?

The next eye I am working on will include a scripted glow prim to pump it up. Here are the first two shots of the Repo-inspired Zydrate eye.

Pop over to the main shop and pick up any of these if you want: Tacky Star Mainstore.

15 March 2009

Stuff is cool!

Hey Kids!

Nothing terribly awesome to report. More of the vendors have been updated (refer to the sidebar). I made a new eye for the Falln Hunt, but I have no clue if it will be accepted. If it isn't, it will totally be free for Easter.

I also added a new location, but since it isn't technically open yet, I am not going to link it. But it is like super badass! You will love.

Oh, and if you are participating in the Falln Hunt, please consider joining my search party. We are called "Aura's Super Fantastical Search Party." If you join, you get a free T-shirt made by yours truly. It is pretty rad. Contact me in-world if you want to be recruited (Aura Falta).

08 March 2009

New Offering: Stained Glass

I couldn't sleep the other night, so I present to you the "Stained Glass" eye pack. Think of it as a big explosion of the 8-pack of off-brand crayons, because that dick that sat next to you know school wouldn't share his 64 pack. It comes in the regular 12 pack. Oh, and on Sunday (March 8), the "Stained Glass" pack will be 50% off at the Sugar Mills location as part of the "Sunday Sidewalk Sale."

I also updated a bunch more of the vendors (my English is stellar), so head over to the mainstore to take a peek or visit my flickr.

Also, as a last reminder to the two people that read this: The "Jelly Donut" eyes will not longer be free after Sunday. No excuses or laziness this time. I am totally be a hard ass (and they will be on sale super regular).

Kisses and till next time,
Aura 'Ra' Falta

01 March 2009

Sale Ending Monday

Alright babies, the last day of the almost random sale is going to be Monday. Get in there while you still can. More importantly, you should come so you can get the new Pink vs. Red eye under the sale price of 20L.

Now you may have noticed (but probably not) that I have been changing around the vendors and such. I had kind of an epiphany of awesome right after I got the RL art show set up and just went with it. I decided that since I made the damn eyes for photography purposes, I might as well show 'em being used in that manner. I will be posting them randomly as I get them done, but for now, enjoy the new logo. It is pretty rockin!

Oh, and one other point of business: I made a new eye for the One year Anniversary of Sugar Mills. That lovely sweetie let me put in my McAwesome shop in her fine establishment with little more street cred than a witty notecard and a dream. Anyway, the eye is called "Jelly Donut" and it will be available at the Sugar Mills location of Tacky Star for the next week (and the mainstore, because I rock out like that). It only has the medium, small, and smaller sizes made for it. The eye just really didn't lend itself to making the large animal-ish eye that is available for most packs. Sorry, my furry lovelies!

Tacky Star--Mainstore
Tacky Star--Sugar Mills Branch