02 May 2011

Caught in the storm

A good bit of you know that I am from the affected disaster area in Northern Alabama. Right now, I am still playing refuge as I have been since "April's Fury." I have a new line coming out for the Skin and Shape expo, but everything else will be on hold as of now so i can finish that up at a decent time. Just prewarning.

Oh, and all normal, doll, and neko eyes have been updated to include the prim versions of said eyes as well as the system versions.

17 April 2011

Limited Edition Skin Series at Broken

Limited Edition skin set is now available at "Broken : A Dead Dolls Event." All proceeds from this skin series will go directly to benefit the victims of the dual disaster in Japan via the Red Cross. If you want to help and get cool exclusive shit at the same time, go here.

31 March 2011

Tacky Star : Changes anew

Alright, so I have been MASSIVELY naughty about updating this blog; however, I am getting my ass in gear to do it. Tacky Star will be undergoing a ton of changes over the next couple of months. They are changes that I am super pumped about, although, they look to be daunting as all hell. That's ok. I am always up for a challenge.

The first big change you will see are a bunch of retirement notices. Never fear! The Tacky Star line will remain true to its core, but we have to throw out the old to make way for the new. The first round we have on the way out is the Tacky Star Gift Set line. No real sense in it now that Linden Labs has seen fit to correct the Marketplace into a nicely designed merchant hut of win. Anyway, here is the chopping board line up:

Tacky Star @ Lilith