04 May 2009

'Ra made skins

So I have probably said like 30-bajillion times that I am a painter in RL. Well, I got super sick of painting in RL after I had my senior exit show, so I started painting with a digital medium. Less clean up, by the way. This eventually lead to me painting on top of the Another Skin templates. Here are my offerings to you:

"Whitewash" was the first one I made. It is my take of a fucked up carnival worker. She is covered in bruises and healing cuts. Her make up is smeared and runny. I just love it. It is so me.

"Quiet Doll" came about as I needed it for a shoot. It is very subtle and simple. I like to think of it as an antique porcelain doll.

Each of these skins is 200L. While "Whitewash" took a lot more time, "Quiet Doll" comes with two skins variations. Just go freakin' pick 'em up inworld.

Oh, and here is how I use 'em:

Teleport to Tacky Star

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